February 7, 2022

Work from home: 7 tips that will help you be as productive as in an office.

In the wake of the pandemic, this work pattern was consolidated and expanded in scope, as it was the best alternative to maintaining productivity and business operations amidst containment measures to mitigate the virus.

In the wake of the pandemic, this work pattern was consolidated and expanded in scope, as it was the best alternative to maintaining productivity and business operations amidst containment measures to mitigate the virus.

This is the time of the famous "work from home". In the wake of the pandemic, this work pattern was consolidated and expanded in scope, as it was the best alternative to maintaining productivity and business operations amidst containment measures to mitigate the virus.

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Now, with the entry into the "New Normal", remote work remains an attractive alternative for employers and employees, which is synonymous with flexibility, dynamism and even means for companies a significant cost reduction.

Everything suggests that working from home, arrived to stay and that in the future could predominate in the working environment, so you need to know how to successfully develop under this modern system.

For that reason, I will delve into 7 key tips to work at a distance without dying in the attempt and, on the contrary, conquering very good results.

1. Turn a small space in your home into an office.

Working from the bed or lying on a sofa is a very bad idea, which will prevent you from maintaining the productivity you used to achieve when you worked in a traditional way, going daily to your company headquarters.

To be successful with the Home Office it is necessary, as the term reflects, to make the home an office, which offers you all the necessary amenities to function in the workplace.

For that reason, arrange a small space in your home or apartment to become your new office and work site. In this place you must have privacy, good lighting, comfort and, of course, with the different technical and technological resources to carry out your tasks.

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2. Set schedules at home as well as in your office.

It is true that the Home Office is synonymous with flexibility, one of the points that makes it a very attractive option for workers who want to enjoy more of the family and feel that they have control of their lives.

However, this does not mean that it is a disorderly work scheme that does not require discipline and organizational capacity.

On the contrary, to succeed with the Home Office you need to sort your days and define a specific schedule to devote yourself fully to your issues, pending and work obligations.

Organize and define this schedule according to your life dynamics and the hours or moments of the day when you usually have higher levels of productivity. In short, make a tailor-made agenda!

3. Take active breaks while at home.

Just as it does not involve disorder and indiscipline, working from home cannot be synonymous with excessive work without rest.

In the middle of your workdays, take active breaks so you can walk a little, hydrate, and generally clear your mind and move around.

Active breaks not only help to regain energy to maintain a high level of productivity in the rest of the working day, but are also essential to prevent sedentary lifestyle and promote health in the working environment.

Young casual businesswoman holding paper document and working on laptop in home office in evening. Concentrated female employer checking deal at workplace.

4. Make sure your day at home has a beginning and an end, even if you have multiple jobs like in the office.

By this we mean that you must organize so that you can fulfill all your work tasks within the schedule you set.

Only in this way will you be able to close each working day definitively, in order to rest and devote time to other activities and valuable tasks for your life, such as family enjoyment and exercise, for example.

Even if your home is your new office, you need to separate your personal life from your work, instead of being all day attentive to your work responsibilities, fulfilling certain tasks late at night, long after your schedule has ended.

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5. Do not lose contact with your office co-workers.

Interaction with co-workers is very positive. While it strengthens our social life and makes us feel integrated, it is key to productivity, since it allows us to share ideas, learn about the development of different areas and have a clear perception of the reality of the company.

Through video calling apps, instant messaging services and similar tools, you can stay in touch with your colleagues even if they don’t work in the same physical space.

6. Focus on improving your digital skills while working from home.

Working from home is a working scheme that came into our lives thanks to technology and digital tools.

That’s why, in order to successfully operate under this business model, you need to know and understand different digital resources and solutions, such as video calling applications and office tool packs like Microsoft Office.

If you feel that you are not sufficiently proficient in these types of resources, it is important that you continue to familiarize yourself with them and that in your free time you practice to increase your expertise and capabilities.

Given the dizzying technological innovation, it is also key that you keep an eye on new trends and solutions, so that you can also assimilate them and apply them in your work environment in the near future.

7. Establish a routine as similar as possible to the one you had when you were in the office.

This goes beyond setting a daily work schedule. It’s about defining how you’ll define your time while doing Home Office.

For example, you can define that the first hour of work will be spent reviewing emails and then dedicated to fulfilling certain specific functions of your job.

Having a clear and defined routine will allow you to maintain focus and focus while working remotely, optimizing your time and effort.

You know! If you will be working from home in the near future or are already working under this scheme, apply the valuable tips shared in the previous lines!

Being efficient working from home will open many doors in the professional world, giving you an attractive job profile for these modern times and remote operation.

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