January 24, 2022

Top-notch Chrome extensions in the web store for web designers

You can check some of these essential Chrome extensions in their web store for web designers. In this article, we will highlight those tools that web designers and developers will find most useful. Here's hoping they make your work easier and more productive.

The number and types of Chrome extensions in their web store, plugins, and add-ons in browsers are steadily increasing, and these are often developed by their users, which makes the browser more powerful, and helps us work more effectively. Our blog posts on the best Chrome extensions in their web store and plugins for major browsers are a series of infographics about the best tools and resources available on the web. 

The focus is on Chrome extensions for Android (or Apple) that are offered in the Chrome Web Store, are free to download, and are easy to install.

In this article, I will highlight those tools that web designers and developers will find most useful. Here's hoping they make your work easier and more productive.

I recommend visiting our collection Handy Tools and Apps for Designers often. There are always new apps with great ideas to help you with your creative process.

Almost always, we designers seek out new tips, tricks, and tools that will help shave some time off our process. Having tested several Chrome extensions in their web store over the last few months.

Check some cool Chrome extensions

The Windows Resizer

You're probably reading this article while staring at a 27" iMac. However, most of our customers don't have giant monitors.

Here is Window Resizer. You will be amazed at how helpful this is when comparing how different viewports look. You can either choose one of the preset viewports or enter something custom.

The toybox

How much time do you spend inspecting elements, capturing screenshots, and logging bugs on your site? If you do, you must try Toybox's Chrome extension (Chrome extensions for android or apple). Here is the fastest way to bring feedback. Also, you can inspect CSS on your space.

Zeplin Inspecting is similar to commenting in InVision. You do it on your site rather than on a design file. Additionally, it automatically records screenshots, browser data, OS information, viewport size and more when you leave a comment - making reproducing issues a piece of cake. This is a must-have.



Would you like some morning inspiration with your coffee (or tea)? Just use the Muzli, one of the best chrome extensions in their web store. You'll see a fresh feed of all things awesome design every time you open a new browser window. You'll get the newest, hippest, coolest design from them. We can't imagine using anything else.

SVG Grabber

There are times when you just need to take a screenshot of the logo or icon on a page. You'll love SVG Grabber if you do that sort of thing. By clicking one button, all the SVGs on the page will be pulled. You can easily download the ones you want based on what it was able to capture. It can be one of the chrome extensions for android.

Nice chrome extensions in their web store: Custom Cursor

This pup isn't exactly designer-specific but we thought it was great when we found it the other day. Cursors can be customized by uploading your own cursor or changing the default cursor to any of their flavor-town selections. This is very funky and very fresh.

Page Ruler

Serious pain can be measuring the size of objects on your page. If you open the tool frequently to take screenshots. The Page Ruler is one of the chrome extensions in their web store that is definitely worth getting.

To measure, just open the Chrome Extension, drag the box to the desired size, and you're done! It's that simple.

Ruler for your page

Developer Tools for Dark Mode

Designers cannot live without dark mode. We thought We'd still mention it, even though it's not an extension, but is built directly into Chrome Dev Tools.

Open the Dev Tools program. On the top right corner, click the three dots. Select Settings. Switch it to Dark under Appearance. Done! The DOM is now completely dark.

Check some chrome extensions in their web store


ColorZilla is great when you want to quickly see what colors are being used. You can see the hex and RGB values of any element on your page by hovering your mouse over it. You can copy it quickly by clicking. The process is fast and easy, even like chrome extensions for Android. To be honest, we have not used many of their other features.

Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja is another great Chrome extensions in their web store for your downloads. With this, you can see what fonts elements are used by hovering over them. 

By using their extension toolbar, you can also purchase directly from the fonts on the page. Having these kinds of Chrome extensions in their web store on your dock is simple and handy.

Font letter for freedom

The Loom

What would a video be worth if a picture was worth a thousand words? A million? Maybe. Definitely a lot. Loom is an awesome free piece of software. Your team can view records of animations, user flows, and bugs recorded using Loom.

Over the past few months, I've used this tool a lot. If you want to convey something that can't be captured using screenshots, it's a great tool. You just need to install the Chrome extensions in their web store and record it. You can share your finished video and get statistics about who has viewed it and more once you're done. 

Are you looking for Chrome extensions for andoir, pc or iPad?

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you find some of these extensions useful. Let me know about any other Chrome extensions in their web store you use in your workflow by commenting below! If you need to check Chrome extensions for android or Chrome extensions for iPad, keep with us:

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