January 30, 2022

Top 9 Qualities of a Boss and Types of Leadership

What does it take to be a good leader? What are the characteristics that distinguish a good boss? Do you know the different types of leadership that can be applied in different organizations?

Teamwork is essential in any company since different tasks must be performed so that it can grow and achieve the objectives or goals that have been set. For this, you must have a boss or leader who manages to integrate each member of the team and organize the different missions to be fulfilled. But what does it take to be a good leader? What are the characteristics that distinguish a good boss? Do you know the different types of leadership that can be applied in different organizations?

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Woman holding a cup with the legend like a boss as an example of boss and types of leadership.

The different types of leadership

Before going into detail, it is necessary to make it clear that a boss uses his rank to lead and can do it in a unidirectional way, while a leader is responsible for motivating his team by giving them direction and focus without having to impose their criteria and ideas. This is achieved under three concepts:

  • Structure
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork

There are 5 types of leadership in organizations and each one has both labor and psychological aspects that affect the members of the work team.

Democratic leadership

This type of leadership promotes employee engagement; in this way, the team feels motivated to propose ideas and formulas to carry out the projects that help achieve the goals. It is not a leadership that imposes its criteria, although at the time of making the final decisions the responsibility will fall on the leader, this way of leading an organization or company, allows to have a greater amount of ideas and a broader vision is achieved within the company.

Transactional leadership

When the company is run under transactional leadership, which is based on exchange, usually through economic incentives to reward the work of employees, benefits are obtained for both parties. A collaborator, when receiving rewards for their work, will feel motivated to generate greater ideas or perform better and better. This is psychologically positive in the team because everyone wants to improve themselves, so in this way, the company or organization can grow quickly.

Laissez-faire Leadership

Scrabble game with the word teamwork as an example of types of leadership.

The leaders who are based on this idea are those who always work in a positive way, allowing their collaborators to feel confident to do their job, since this leader knows that they are capable of performing the assigned tasks, granting freedom. For this type of leader, the important thing is to get the results, not so much how you get to them. This does not mean that it leaves them alone, because each employee knows that when they need guidance, they will receive it from the leader.

Psychologically, workers feel safe and motivated when working under this type of business leadership.

Transformational leadership

In this type of business leadership, he concentrates on his collaborators. The company is committed to its staff, trusts them, and achieves good communication, something that is essential when working as a team. Here the participation and creativity of the work team are encouraged.

Autocratic leadership

Here we reach the opposite extreme since this type of leadership makes employees or collaborators notice that the boss or leader is the one who has absolute power and does not allow the opinions of others. This can be negative for the team since it works under stress and does not give freedom of expression.

And after knowing what the types of leadership are, what characteristics distinguish a good leader?

A good leader is distinguished by:

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  • Be innovative: when a leader brings good ideas, he does not feel insecure or threatened by his work team, on the contrary, it allows each member to feel free to contribute their own.
  • He knows how to direct: a good leader knows how-to guide or directs his work team, giving them the necessary confidence to perform their tasks. This in turn allows feedback to better achieve the objectives that have been set.
  • Knows how to listen: a good leader must know how to listen to his team and must allow them to express their ideas or disagreements freely.
  • He is a strategist: the decisions that leaders must sometimes make will not always be liked by the whole team, but the ability of the leader must be trusted, who being a good strategist, will keep the communication channel open with total transparency.
  • He is visionary: another characteristic of a good leader is his ability to see into the future. He sets goals and is responsible for generating the necessary motivation for his team to achieve the objectives.
  • He is a person of trust: a good leader is upright and behaves in the same way. Their motivation is to achieve the goals respecting the interests of the company and its team.
  • It is accessible: a team led by a good boss is able to provide support to those who need it because they know that this way they can increase the productivity of the company.
  • They are passionate: leaders are people who are always contributing new ideas and are 100% committed to achieving the goals they have set.
  • They know how to have fun: not everything can be tense at work, so a good leader is able to maintain a good mood, to generate a pleasant atmosphere with his team.

A good leader will know that he must count on his team to carry out the projects and challenges they face; the greater the trust it generates in its collaborators, the greater the dedication of each of those who participate with it.

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Who's been the best boss you've ever had? Leave us a comment to know your story.

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