January 12, 2022

How to quit your job without fear of being put on bad terms?

Is it time for a change? Find here the steps that can help you not to end your work relationships badly. Communicating a job resignation is a time you must master every time you decide it’s time to find a space to look for something new and better.

Is it time for a change? Find here the steps that can help you not to end your work relationships badly and achieve a successful job resignation, learn to quit your job successfully and without fear of being on bad terms.

If you’re one of those people who already works regularly, you’ve probably wondered more than once how to quit your job in case things stop happening in a way that’s beneficial to you and you want to look for something different. But quitting is nothing more than leaving one job and continuing in another, it’s really about leaving a place in the best possible way, without destroying relationships or remaining the bad guy or the bad guy, on the contrary, doing everything possible not to close any future job opportunities.

Quit your job at work

Quit your job, even if it was the worst, it is a moment that you must master and do well every time you decide that it is time to leave a moment and space to look for something new and in most cases, better.

No workspace is perfect and most of us need to go through several workspaces to find the one we like the most. Giving up is part of the cycle of life, everyone and we all have to do it at some point, however, sometimes it is one of the things that can cause more stress if it is not done in the right way.

But how do I quit my job?

Yeah, quitting your job is stressful, complicated and annoying. But sometimes it’s all you can do to look for other opportunities, other doors and even new worlds and learning.

The good news is, with a little planning, there are some things that will help you quit your job with the best of successes.

How do I report it?

It will depend a lot on the kind of work you’re in, but it’s best if you make an appointment with your superiors, start by talking about how much you liked working there and everything you learned, then goes on to explain that it’s time for a change and that you want to continue growing professionally.

Ideally, don’t let time go by, so do your best to make your meeting as soon as you’ve made the decision to leave, giving them time to process it and find your replacement.

Quit your job letter

What about the famous quitting job letter?

Not all jobs ask you to do a letter of resignation. In addition, sometimes it is better to talk about things in person, to avoid misunderstandings and to make everything clear, which is sometimes complicated when only written notice is given.

If they ask you to write one, keep things clear and concrete, explain the specific reasons why you decided to leave and, above all, be honest.

However, it is always better to avoid conflicts, it will not help you at all to say that you resign because the office is horrible, the work is too much, the environment is toxic and you hate the boss. Your best option will always be to avoid the negative.

What if my boss reacts badly to my resignation?

Not everyone will like the news that you decided to resign, your boss may be disappointed or even angry in those cases you should be as professional as possible, keep a cool head and have your priorities clear.

Quit your job advice

How do I communicate my resignation to my collaborators?

The rule is that no one should know before your boss, once you have informed him, it is time to go out with your colleagues and tell them everything, your plans, when is your last day, so that you can coordinate with your team your delivery dates or reports that you have pending.

How much time in advance should I give notice of my job quitting?

Most jobs ask you to do the notice at least two weeks before your last day, so they can have everything ready, prepare the necessary documents and start looking for someone to take your place.

I’ve already given notice of my job quitting, and now?

The best thing you can do is try to finish all your earrings and stay productive. That way you leave on the best terms and no one’s gonna have a reason to complain or have a bad opinion of you.

woman at the office

Finally don’t forget that job changes should always drive you to be better, don’t be afraid to close a door to go out there and touch another thousand. Be assured that closing cycles is the important step you need to take to continue learning in this ever-changing world.

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