February 11, 2022

Playing with color: creators of color palettes for your designs

When we talk about art and design, colors are the most relevant aspects. When creating an image or a design, you must resort to a color palette.

When we talk about art and design, colors are the most relevant aspects. When creating an image or a design, you must resort to a color palette, because through these we can transmit sensations, thanks to what is known as the psychology of color. And what is a color palette? It is the set of several colors that are used to create a work of art, in the decoration of the house but also in the digital process as a web page.

This color palette can be composed of all shades or a selection of similar colors that cover all its shades.

When the color palette is used, we are using those that generate harmony and relate to each other.

Why use a color palette?

Metal doors in different colors as an example of a color palette creator.

Both in design, decoration, and architecture, the use of colors creates moods, as well as helps to give personality and definition to a brand.

Analyzing the psychology of color, we know that warm colors are stimulating and cool colors provide peace of mind.

When designing, it is often the mistake of using the same range of colors by resorting to the different shades of them without giving us the opportunity to create bolder designs.

There are color palette creators that can be very useful and that are also free to help you achieve innovative designs for both a website or another type of work you want so that you can give a unique identity to your brand or company.

  • ColorHunt

This platform is renewed daily with HTLM color palettes, designed by the members who belong to this community.

Their tones are simple but elegant, so they are very inspiring to create all kinds of projects. When creating your color palette, you can export it in the following formats: RGB, CSS, HTLM, and Hex.

  • Cohesive Colors
Cloud in pastel pink as an example of a color palette.

If you have already thought of a color palette, but you can not adjust it to the project you have in mind, this creator is your solution. It takes the palette in HTLM format and allows you to add the coloration you choose over the colors you are using. In this way, the palette that you had previously designed will be modified so that you can adjust it to your liking.

  • Color Hexa

This program is considered as the encyclopedia of colors as it is created because just by entering a color, it feeds you back with all the possible information about it: composition, different color schemes, and other alternatives.

  • Color Wheel de Adobe

This is an online color palette generator. It is very useful for designers who are familiar with Adobe programs, as designs can be saved in HTLM format and then uploaded to an Adobe CC program.

  • BrandColors

In this color generator, you can find palettes that have used large brands, so we recommend it widely.

  • Colourcode

In this online palette, you get tools, analog, and complementary elements. To discover all the functions, you need to move your cursor across the screen and find the root color to generate your own color palette.

Here you can download it in .less, .png, .scss formats.

Columns with the colors of the color circle as an example of a color palette creator.
  • COLOURlovers

This color palette is one of the favorites for designers since it has very inspiring tones.

There are templates that include shadows, variations, and color schemes that make it easy to design the message you're looking to convey.

  • CoIRD
Pool with yellow fence

This program, in addition to being a color palette generator, is a source of inspiration because there you can find photographs, works of art, and graphics. Here you can also create a color palette in an image.

  • Coolors

This is an intuitive color palette generator, making it easy to use. How can you create your color palette here? Well, you must select the colors you want to use and press the space bar until you achieve the color you are looking for and adapt to the design you are creating. You can also save it on their platform and allow other users to use it.

Examples of color palettes and what they are suitable for

  • Pastel color palette
Wooden frames in pastel colors.

Pastel colors are subtle so they can be considered neutral tones even if they are not. They are widely used when a customer's preferences are not 100% known. This color palette is widely used in social networks such as Instagram because they allow you to express creativity.

  • Gold color palette
Installation with lights in golden tones

Gold is a color that is associated with wealth. It is one of the most popular in crafts and paintings, but it is a difficult color to combine because within its palette there are cold and warm tones. When combined with other colors, very striking and luxurious bright designs are achieved.

Color is the first thing that registers our eyesight, so a good choice that is also bold will help you achieve a positive impact on your designs.

Which is your favorite? Leave us a comment to know your preferences.

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