February 17, 2022

Page builder brief review | Elementor: free vs pro

Elementor's numbers don't lie. It is already one of the best page builders, and the developers keep adding new features all the time. Did you want to learn about the differences with Elementor, free vs pro version? Keep reading.

What’s Elementor? Elementor: free vs pro?

Elementor is a page builder plugin that uses visual drag and drop. 

Your visitors will see exactly what you see. Publish your page and you'll always know how it will look. You can drag and drop buttons, forms, or images around to move them around. There is no need for coding!

In the end, this tool allows you to create the look you want for your WordPress site without hiring a developer.

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Elementor's six unique features

1. Elementor template library

You can create complete designs from scratch with Elementor. Elementor's template library, however, makes it unnecessary to do everything yourself.

You can insert templates from the library with just a click. The templates include:

  • Pages – you can import full-page designs to tweak if necessary.
  • Blocks – specific "sections," not entire pages. Blocks can be useful if you just want to drop in a pre-built contact section into an existing layout.

You can save templates or blocks to be reused later.

2. Responsive design controls and mobile previews

Nowadays, a large portion of web traffic takes place on mobile devices, so your site should look great on mobile as well.

With Elementor, you can create responsive designs automatically. You can easily view your design on any device without leaving the interface.

On certain devices, you can also show/hide individual widgets in Elementor.

3. Controls for detailed layout

Laptop and phone with wordpress home page.

Page builders eliminate the need for custom code, but sometimes you have to give up a little flexibility when it comes to positioning elements.

With Elementor, you have tons of intuitive controls to make sure that every widget, section, and column can be placed exactly where you want them. You can:

  • Create sections, columns, and widgets manually by setting padding and margin
  • Just drag the column divider to adjust the column widths
  • Vertically position widgets within columns (or within sections)
  • Create an adjustable column gap between columns

4. Text editing inline

For editing text on your page, inline text editing is convenient. In contrast to many other page builders, Elementor lets you start typing as soon as you click on the page.

5. Revision history and easy undo/redo

When you try a new design approach, you will probably make a mistake. You can easily undo mistakes in Elementor in two ways if you make a mistake.

  • You can undo or redo every single action you take.
  • With each saves, you'll get a new revision that you can go back to if needed.

6. Deactivate Elementor and clean the code

In the future, if Elementor needs to be deactivated, you can rest easy knowing that it won't leave behind a mess of shortcodes like WPBakery Page Builder or Divi Builder. Elementor leaves clean code behind.

Elementor: free vs pro | Drag and drop, themes, and more

Elementor is a 100% free and open-source plugin. Elementor Pro, a separate add-on, is also available. Starting at $69, it offers lots of helpful features:

Create an entire WordPress theme with Elementor

Elementor was used exclusively for content until recently. A quality theme was still needed to accompany it.

However, you can now design your entire theme using Elementor Pro, including your header, footer, and blog posts.

First build your theme to select which part of the theme you would like to build. Your layout can then be built using the same Elementor interface (with widgets for content of that type).

To create the blog post template, you'll have the option of dragging over widgets for:

  • Post title
  • Post content
  • Author metadata

Elementor: free vs pro. Pro version simply adds new widgets. Furthermore, these can help you replace other plugins such as:

  • Forms (including contact forms)
  • Sliders
  • Social share buttons
  • Countdown timers
  • Pricing tables
  • Login forms

Lots of premium templates

Elementor: free vs pro? Is it worth it?

Elementor: free vs pro. Pro unlocks all the templates and blocks in the library. Additionally, Pro Templates are often more detailed and complex. Thus, it's about "more + higher quality". Elementor has over 100 templates.

Global widgets

The same element can sometimes be reused on multiple pages when you have to. A contact page might need the same content on every page.

Global widgets help you to achieve this by allowing you to save them as templates to use on multiple pages. By editing it once, you can also update every instance of that global widget.

Elementor: free vs pro. Pro version is necessary?

A free version of Elementor will suffice if you just need to create basic styled pages. The free version of Elementor is probably the most feature-rich of all page builders.

Elementor: free vs pro? Due to the new elements, additional controls, and other functionality, Elementor Pro is an option if you want to create your website's core pages.

Even more third-party extensions are available for Elementor

In addition to the official Elementor Pro add-on, Elementor extensions that go beyond the official functionality can also be found thanks to the Elementor team's ease of use.

Elementor: free vs pro? Conclusions

Laptop and iPad. Elementor free themes?

Elementor's numbers don't lie. It is already one of the best page builders, and the developers keep adding new features all the time.

  • In the free version, you get access to plenty of elements, templates, and blocks, which you can use in conjunction with the drag-and-drop page builder.
  • In the Pro version, you'll have access to a much larger collection of options, and you'll have the ability to edit almost every part of your site with the theme builder (including headers, footers, archive, single post pages, and more).

What did we miss in our Elementor review? Did you learn about Elementor: free vs pro? Tell us and read on:

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