January 14, 2022

Make money with Fiverr: A guide to finding a freelance job

To make money with Fiverr you don’t have to be a genius, you just need to know the secrets to increase the chances you get hired. Discover the steps to boost your job opportunities and generate revenue for your talent with this platform.

Fiverr allows you to generate revenue from anywhere in the world and working whatever you want, whenever you want. To know how to make money you don’t have to be a genius, you simply need to have skills and know the secrets to improve your chances of getting hired.

Read on to learn more about the steps you need to take to use it correctly and boost your chances of getting a job and making money using this platform. Start using Fiverr as a professional and generate revenues for your talent.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online platform for freelancers focused on the purchase and sale of digital products and services. Unlike others like Upwork or Freelancer, where you apply to positions or projects, Fiverr specializes in offering packages or gigs and letting the buyer do the job of deciding if you are the best choice for their needs. Born in 2009, Fiverr has become one of the most popular platforms to make money online thanks to its ease of use, variety of jobs available and quantity of supply and demand.

And the best: any professional can make money in an infinite amount of services. From website creation, logos and landing pages, to translations, consulting and personalized videos. In its menu you can navigate and find everything that interests you and you can offer.

Fiverr main page

Did you know that web development is the best job to make money in Fiverr? That’s right! Payment for these jobs ranges between $100 and $2000 per gig.

What does it take to make money successfully at Fiverr?

It is a reality that as soon as you create a profile, it is difficult for customers to find you, since you have a lot of competition ahead with higher reviews. But there are several tricks you can follow to increase your chances of getting an offer in less than a week. Get to know them below.


The first thing to do when you open an account in Fiverr is to create your profile. To do this, you must ensure that it is as concrete and complete as possible, to generate confidence for your users to purchase your services. What you can’t forget:

  • Profile photo: This must be professional ( according to what you do), real and attractive. Think of it as if it were your LinkedIn profile.
  • Description: Here you must present yourself in a friendly way, including your passions and those areas in which you have experience. But don’t write too much, three lines is enough.
  • Languages: This section is super important, as it can be a decisive factor for international companies and foreign customers to hire you. In addition, if you speak more than one language and the client filters the search by language, you will have more visibility and chances to appear than with only English, the most demanded. So if you want to make money, add all the languages you master and their fluency.
  • Skills: Here you can include any quality related to your area of expertise. You can only include 10, so think wisely about keywords, those terms buyers are looking for in their services.
  • Education: Include your diplomas and schools. Also add certificates that can increase the quality of your profile to make more money.
Optimize your freelancer profile


The next step is to create your gig. This is the presentation of your services, where you will describe what you offer and emphasize why you are the right person for the job. And of course, just like your profile, it has to be attractive to increase your chances of making money. You have to pay attention to everything:

Title: This has to be attractive. It is usually 80 characters long and starts with the caption " I will ", so you must complete it with a sentence that you consider to encompass your work. You can do competition research to find inspiration and see what works.

Cover photo(s)

As you can see, the gig lets you upload one or more photos (3) to offer your services, including a cover. Here you have to think about what will attract the buyers' attention and what would they like to see. Just text? A big title? A picture of your face? This will depend on what you do, but look at these examples of web development:

Examples of gigs | How to make money with Fiverr

Which one attracts the most attention? It is certainly important to show what we are able to do in an attractive way. So I recommend that the first photo be fully customized and optimized to attract attention from distance and the following are more specific about your portfolio / previous work.

Extra tip: Fiverr also lets you add videos. You can upload one where you go out in front of the camera, emphatically explaining how you can help your client. In addition to generating more confidence, it is proven that this can make you more than 200% money.

Description: It has to be complete but concise. Start with a friendly welcome message, and then detail everything your gig includes. Use bullet points and bold and italic text where necessary to make the reading experience more enjoyable.

Tags: Fiverr lets you add up to 5 hashtags or tags. Think about the keywords of the service you’re offering and add them to increase your chances of being found and making money.

Faqs: The gig also includes a FAQ section, where you can solve questions that your customers often ask. Have a minimum of 3 questions and answers and make sure your gig is clear with the information you are giving. Buyers like to know everything in detail about the services, so eliminate all ambiguities.

Packages: Fiverr allows you to offer up to 3 types of packages for the same gig. It is important that you preferably have all three, ranging from the most basic to the most premium if you want to increase your chances of earning more money. In this way buyers will be able to analyze what is best for them and will be able to know how much you can offer.

Examples of Fiverr packages

Price: Here you can set the price you consider according to your skills and the time it takes you to do the job, as long as it stays between $5 and $995. You can investigate your competition to set a fair price. Just keep in mind how much money you want to make, as Fiverr gets 20% of the profits.


Once a person decides to buy you, there is the option for them to complete descriptions of the service they need. This determines which type of option will be easier for them: 

  • Free text: for specifications and comments
  • Multiple answer: for package options ( program, type of company, etc)
  • Attachment: for company details (corporate identity, etc)

Delivery times: Finally, don’t forget to be realistic and specific with your delivery times according to your availability. It is recommended to be of maximum 7 days. After this time, your gig stops being attractive to the user and you lose chances of making money.

Final recommendations to make money with Fiverr

First, create a portfolio of services as varied as possible. For example, if you already know that you are a web developer, don’t just create a gig to create websites. You can also offer landing pages, revamps, optimizations, etc. Think about what small jobs you can offer that companies are also looking for and will make you more extra money.  

Also, it is best to start by offering small packages.This means more affordable prices and more confidence to the buyer if it is their first time purchasing your services. 

Second, offer good customer service and respect delivery times.Never put the time it really takes you to do a job. Always consider 1-2 days extra in case of unforeseen events. In this way, in case of delivering earlier than agreed, customers will rate you as fast and efficient. This also increases your chances of getting tipped for your work, and make more money. Because yes, on Fiverr you can receive up to $25 tip (minus commission).

Freelancer woman working home office mode

Third, start with low prices. Your profile is new and has no reviews, so to increase your chances of generating revenue, place a lower-than-average starting price. This will make you appear in the searches of clients looking for new talents to bet on their services. Once you get 1-2 positive reviews, you can gradually increase the prices to make the money you deserve.  

Finally, don’t forget to put out-of-office mode if you are not available for a long period of time, so as not to upset your customers.


Fiverr is a platform with great potential to make money if you are freelance or looking for extra income. Even though this doesn’t happen overnight, optimizing your profile and doing things correctly and with dedication, the results can be very favorable for you.

I hope this guide has served you to have everything you need to start working at Fiverr and make money. Tell me, have you ever used this platform? What has been your experience?

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