January 20, 2022

LinkedIn: How to have a good profile for recruiters?

LinkedIn is an important professional network for work. If you’re looking for jobs and business opportunities, read on to find out what recruiters and businesses are interested in. Optimize your profile to show your true talent.

LinkedIn is one of the most important professional networks when it comes to job opportunities. With more than 500 million profiles, it is the largest professional community in the world. And it is a tool that, making the most of it, can help you define your personal brand, grow your reputation and appear in the searches of all recruiters and companies looking to do business.

Continue reading to find out what interests recruiters and companies and with it, work on optimizing your profile to show your true talent.

Reasons why you should open or improve your LinkedIn profile

Is the recruiters' preferred tool

Linkedin Profile Views

LinkedIn is the most widely used tool for finding talent by human resources recruiters. This is because there are advanced filter options and a full profile gives more information about professional experience and personality than a standard application on any other job search site. In addition, keywords, your activity and your contacts could positively influence appearing in searches and attracting the attention of recruiters.  

Allow networking with people in your industry, expanding your opportunities

LinkedIn is not only used by recruiters, but also by companies and managers to find strategic partners with the aim of a medium and long term collaboration. So by having a good profile you can access several possibilities to work together on amazing projects.

LinkedIn helps you expand your network

Wide job market

On LinkedIn there is not only the option for recruiters to find your profile and contact you personally, but there is also an employment portal where companies publish specialized jobs with extensive descriptions. Here you will have the opportunity to find exclusive offers that will not be elsewhere.

What interests recruiters and companies in your LinkedIn profile?

To be successful on LinkedIn, you must meet several requirements to attract attention and demonstrate that you are qualified for projects. Find out the most important ones below.

#1 LinkedIn profile complete and aligned with your CV

While your LinkedIn resume and profile are not the same, they share several similarities, and you should make sure that what you present in both formats is consistent.

Some points to check:

Professional experience

While your CV is more summarized and personalized according to the position you apply, LinkedIn must be complete. Include company name, position, start and end date, and a short but clear description of the main tasks you performed and how you helped. Remember to put only the relevant positions and that you want all recruiters to know yes or yes.

Woman completing her LinkedIn profile to find a job

At this point it matters a lot whether the company has a LinkedIn profile or not, as that will depend on whether the photo comes out at the time of adding the experience. If there’s a company you worked for that doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, add a business card to add formality.  

Certificates and studies

As with professional experience, be sure to validate all courses, diplomas and studies you have. This way you add value to your LinkedIn professional profile.

#2 LinkedIn profile oriented towards your customer.

This point is of utmost importance. Just think about it: what is the reason why recruiters and professionals visit your profile? To know how you can help them. So you need to make clear what you can do to meet the needs of others. Focus on the services you offer and highlight why you’re the best choice.

For example, don’t put in your profile:

"Financial company recruiter in XYZ"

"TZM content writer"

Better put:

"Looking to hire professionals for your company? | Financial Company Recruiter XYZ"

"Do you need optimized content for your website? | TZM content writer"

This will give much more weight to your LinkedIn profile and give confidence to recruiters and professionals looking to connect. You have to review this point throughout your profile, everything you put on it thinks about how you are helping your client and how you could hook up using the right words.

Recruiter searching profiles in LinkedIn

#3 Profile with optimized text and good profile and cover images

Connected with the above, it is important to think about keywords, those that recruiters and companies write in search engines waiting for results. Something that can help you is to investigate the hard skills of your industry and position, as they give a more specific idea of your expertise.

Also, you have to make sure that your profile and cover photo are attractive and according to what you do. Focus on making a good impression with your LinkedIn profile.

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If you were wondering if it’s important to have a LinkedIn profile as a professional to look for a job, the answer is yes. LinkedIn works as a value-added tool for both recruiters and companies, so investing efforts in having a well-crafted and optimized profile will open many doors for you.

I hope this blog has helped you know the basics to start creating a good LinkedIn profile. If you were interested in this topic, continue reading:

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