January 11, 2022

Learn web design on your own successfully: 6 tips and tools

Did you know that 74% of web designers are self-taught? Yes, it is possible to learn web design on your own. Discover the best way with the best tips and tools. Discover everything you need to know to become a successful web designer.

Web design has been growing exponentially in recent years, and now every company needs a web designer to succeed. Did you know that 74% of web designers are self-taught?If you’re interested in learning about web design, read on.

Because it is possible to learn web design on your own. Discover the best way to learn from home with the best tips and tools. Everything you need to know to become a successful web designer.

Being self-taught vs university education

This is a question most of us ask ourselves when we want to learn and specialize in something new. And the answer depends on what you’re looking for, your goals.

For example, if what you want is a renowned degree, as well as starting to make connections and meet people with your same interests, a university education is for you. On the contrary, if you want to learn quickly and more economically, the self-taught method is for you. The reality is that nowadays there is an infinite amount of information on the internet with all the resources to learn about web design.

Some advantages of self-taught training in web design are that you can learn about what you want and at your own pace. I mean, you don’t have to worry about subjects that don’t interest you, or meet deadlines that exceed your capabilities.

Computer coding: learn about web design.

However, it also has disadvantages. For example, if you have doubts, no one will solve them immediately, and sometimes it is difficult to find the answers on the internet. There may also be frustration at stagnation, as taking courses that explain generically can be difficult to adjust to the teacher’s pace of teaching. But there’s no need to be scared. All you need is commitment, discipline and desire to learn about what you are passionate about, web design.  

What’s better: free or paid online courses?

It is true that we all like things that are free, but is this the option that suits us best?  

Nowadays you can find guides and complete courses free of charge on Youtube or even specialized platforms like Coursera Edx that offer you the possibility to take the courses at no cost but without obtaining the certificate.

So if you are looking to learn with minimal investment, I recommend some of these platforms. On the contrary, if you are looking for a better experience and added value to your training as a professional with certificates that endorse your knowledge, you need to spend some money on acquiring courses that include a certificate.

The most popular platforms to learn web design are:

Prices vary depending on whether you purchase a course or a monthly membership, but they are certainly quite accessible and complete. Since you have all your options on the table, the next step is to chart your successful path to web design learning:

6 steps to successfully learn about web design

#1 Understand market needs

Woman making an analysis of the market's needs

Before choosing the best course option for you, research what is being demanded in the world. This is achieved by looking for job offers related to the field, and websites and social networks of leading companies or influential people.

Write down what interests you, in this way you can begin to make a list of what you need to know that fits your tastes and needs:

  • Basic functions
  • Basic language
  • Available technologies and programs
  • Types of specialization
  • Design trends
  • Indispensable skills
  • Indispensable knowledge

#2 Create a realistic curriculum

To start, I recommend taking 1-2 courses and concentrating on them. Also, start from the simplest to the most complex. This ensures that your adaptation process is pleasant and less frustrating.  

Don’t forget to define:

Learning Strategies: How do you find it easier to learn? Taking notes online or watching videos twice? How do you like to put the theory into practice? Thinking about this you can draw a learning path that really works for you.

Study plan to become a succesful self-taught web designer


As with any discipline, it is important to establish a routine that motivates you to take goals seriously. Take into account:

Daily study hours: How much daily time do you want to spend in front of the computer watching tutorials? It is recommended between 1 and 3 hours daily. But constancy is key to not losing the rhythm.

Deadlines: This will help you feel pressure to finish things as soon as possible and add formality to your studies. You can guide yourself to the estimated times indicated when taking a course.

Additional Resources: In addition to the courses you choose to enroll in, it’s very important to look for extra sources of knowledge. Books, blogs, but soak up web design as much as you can to become an expert.

#3 Practice non-stop

The only way to learn is by practicing, and making mistakes. Everything you learn you have to try at least 10-20 times, in this way you make sure to improve and polish your creations as a web designer. Whether by revamping existing brands or creating fictional projects to develop services, show yourself what you are capable of and start creating your portfolio.

You will make many mistakes, yes, but remember: More practice = Less time to do things

Computer with web design to represent learning about web design.

#4 Seek inspiration

Find other experienced designers and learn from them. Analyze their reasons for success and what you like or don’t like about them. Copy what you like and improve what you consider has the potential to transform. In this way you set yourself challenging goals that force you to practice.

#5 Feed back and assimilate

After weeks or months with the routine you set, it’s important to review your process. Determine what mistakes you made along the way and what you could change for the better. Set new goals and apply them from now on to continue growing.

#6 Stay updated

Everything that has to do with technology and trends, change year by year. So don’t settle for taking a course 3 years ago that today might be obsolete. Read news and constantly research new industry tools and needs. And if necessary, continue training, learning about web design. Make sure you continue to grow professionally and increase your value as a designer.

Conclusion about learning self-taught web design

Learning web design requires dedication but is not impossible. It’s all about mentality and attitude, and if you put your mind to it, you’re sure to make it. I hope this article has served as a guide to start learning web design in a self-taught way successfully.  

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