February 15, 2022

How to get the first 100 customers? Make your freelancer website 

The steps laid out in this article will help you develop a freelancer website and increase your chances of attracting clients' website from search engines and social media. Great news!

How can you create a website that promotes your business? This is a top priority for many companies. The following sections will cover the basics of creating a freelancer website for your business and getting leads.

Prior to web design, determine the goals of your freelancer website

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Websites for businesses only exist to grow them. Building an online presence can have some value from a branding standpoint, but that should not be your primary goal. Focus instead on lead generation or sales. Focus on lead generation if your company provides services that require custom quotes. When running a website store, prioritize direct sales over a lead generation.

After you have decided what you want, it's time to move forward.

Register a domain and hosting for your freelancer website

You can grow your business with your freelancer website, which is a collection of assets. Here are a few critical steps you need to take to get customers from the search engines.

Select a Webhost and Domain

The best way to make an impression is to register a custom domain. Your company name and a .com are the best options.

You can get a business email address when you register a custom domain, so you can communicate with clients' website and customers as well as sign up for services. Many hosting services are available.

The key pages for your freelancer website

You can now begin building your website. You'll need to determine whether a website is designed for you or you use a website builder. In either case, start with this.

How to get the first 100 customers? Creating these pages is the first step in attracting clients' website to your freelancer website. Discover how to use SEO and SEM.

Home page

It is your home page that introduces your company to clients' website and motivates them to take action. Provide easy access to your phone number so customers can call you. Put your top-selling product on the home page of your online store if you want them to make a purchase.

Contact page

Contact page in iPad.

For your contact page, most website builders provide a template. Make sure you test the template first. Send a message through your contact form as if you were a potential customer. Contact your website builder if it doesn't work.

How to get the first 100 customers? Products and Services Page

Create a page that describes your services and products. Consider making it a lead generation page that asks clients' website to contact you for more information if you mostly sell services. You can include your contact information. Additionally, an ideal service allows you to use a contact form. Create product pages if you plan to sell products online. You should design these pages so that you can easily read the copy and view the photos.

Create an About Page

There should be an About page on every freelancer website. An About page describes the company briefly. The best way to improve your About page is to focus on your customers instead of yourself. Both the company's history and its clients' website should be discussed. It is also possible to provide a few short paragraphs and images to share your company store.

Use Google Analytics

Make sure your website is set up according to Google's instructions. It will be difficult to measure the success of your freelancer website without this. 

Use Email Marketing

In this step, follow the directions provided by your email marketing provider. Customers just need a simple place to enter their email addresses. Moreover, you need to explain to your clients' website why they should provide you with their email addresses. Online stores can easily do this by offering coupons. You might consider offering a free resource if you offer quotes for a service.

As you have time and energy to devote to your freelancer website, keep adding pages. These steps might take you a day or a week, depending on your skills. Do not worry if you get stuck. Contact a web development expert for help.

Marketing analytics.

How to get the first 100 customers? Engage in social media marketing

Getting clients' website to discover your freelancer website is the next step. A great way to do this is to utilize social media. Social media platforms let you promote your online presence for free or for a fee. Different platforms have different focuses. Share photos of your business or products on Instagram. Share videos on YouTube. Use Twitter for live news updates. Facebook counts 69% of all adults as its users, so it is often a wise move to focus on it. With these promotion tips on Facebook, move on to other platforms as well. How to get the first 100 customers with social media?

  • Make a Facebook business page. Include a link to your freelancer website, address, and phone number. Include a few photos as well.
  • Provide a short daily update. Update your company's Facebook page every day for 10-15 minutes.
  • Get past customers to leave a review. Positive reviews enhance your online credibility. Get in touch with your clients' website and ask them to write a review.
  • Your personal profile can be used to promote your freelancer website. Your company's Facebook page may not be known at first when you create it. For this reason, business owners should post a link to their store on their Facebook profile as a public status update.
  • Utilize Facebook groups for business promotion. You can promote your business by joining Facebook groups in your local area. Before posting in a group, read its rules since some restrict how and when you may promote your freelancer website. 

After your website is built

The steps laid out in this article will help you develop a freelancer website and increase your chances of attracting clients' website from search engines and social media. Great news! And the bad news? If you want to stand out, you must regularly update your website. Many companies are competing with your site. You will create a poor impression if, for instance, you add a Black Friday special to your freelancer website but fail to remove it after the sale is over.

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Now that you know how to get the first 100 customers? Read on:

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