February 22, 2022

Do you know Oxygen? Meet this website builder

There are essential tools for web page designers. WordPress every day has more tools to customize the pages and today it has the Oxygen editor. Do you know him? We invite you to read on.

Web layout designers are those who take care that each element that makes up a page (titles, images, and texts) are well designed and distributed, being an essential tool for web page designers. WordPress every day has more tools to customize the pages and today it has the Oxygen editor. Do you know him? We invite you to read on.

How does the Oxygen editor work?

Computer screen with language in code as an example of Oxygen the web editor.

Oxygen is a designer that allows the creation of designs and the construction of HTML elements. With this editor, you can make templates, plugins and you can add functions that complement WordPress.

These codes are generated in JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and HTML, writing them on the platform to achieve more advanced actions, this is achieved when you have previous programming knowledge.

With the Oxygen editor, the created designs can be exported from one site to another, as they are saved in the database.

With Oxygen, you can create a website in its entirety. This editor or tool is more complex than other layout designers. It is compatible with Thrive Architect, Elementor, Beavear Builder, Visual Composer, and any other that can control the output of the WordPress content function.

  • To create a page with Oxygen, you can use one of their templates and start designing it as you prefer.
  • Oxygen- Templates
  • Later you can place the rest of the elements you want to add
  • Inner Content-Add-Basics. Swipe down until you reach the Other option and select Internal Content to be part of your template.

What are the advantages of the Oxygen editor?

Laptop and desktop computer monitor as an example of Oxygen web editor and page builder.
  • Oxygen allows you to maintain full control of your website.
  • The codes that are generated are cleaner.
  • You can store templates.
  • You can create pop-ups.
  • You can display the content according to your needs.
  • You can add rotation, zoom, and 3D effects to transform objects.

What are the disadvantages of the Oxygen editor?

  • It is more complex than other web layout designers.
  • It is not compatible with all plugins.
  • This tool is only available in English, so you need to know the language.

Oxygen is capturing the attention of web designers and developers, although it still needs some improvements, it is shaping up to be the web layout that will be used the most, so it is worth practicing with it if you are a web developer.

Oxygen is a web editor tool that is not free but has several one-time payment plans:

  • Basic for $129.
  • WooComerce $169. If you want to launch an online store this is a great option for you because it allows you to customize it
  • Agency $199.
  • Ultimate $229.

Each of these plans offers different options so you can find the one that fits the needs of your page or site.

  • This web editor has a 60-day warranty. If it does not meet your needs, your entire money is returned.
  • There are no site license limits. You can use as many as you want.
  • Accounts with lifetime support and updates.

Watch this video to know more about this editor:

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