February 24, 2022

Design on iPad pro 2021? Must-Have iPad Apps for designers

Various design-related apps are available for the iPad pro 2021. Many of them have become fast favorites. Some have been discarded. These are the top iPad apps for designers.

The mobile designer must be able to work on the move, from capturing artful street graffiti to keeping track of gorgeous color palettes to providing feedback to developers. Designers can never forget the moments of inspiration that strike at any time with these iPad apps for designers. Do you have a plan when inspiration strikes for a new design?

Umbrellas in different colors.

iPad apps for designers: SKETCHES

On iPad pro 2021: PROCREATE

Most designers list this as their top app, and for good reason. The $5.99 price tag is well worth it. The program comes with tons of brushes, and you can upload more brushes online. The color wheel and adjustment for brush size and opacity are fantastic features.


What can be done? Free app with similar features to Procreate, but with fewer brush options. If you want to practice hand lettering, you'll love this app. The shape builder has a variety of patterns you can choose from. Check more iPad apps for designers.


When you work with the Creative Cloud (you should be a subscriber), you have access to your libraries, to Photoshop, to stock images, etc. Everything you need to create. And the acrylic brushes are quite impressive. It's fun to paint.


Drawing Sketches on iPad por 2021

Sketch, make notes, draw a diagram, mix colors. The app is easy to use on the iPhone and iPad pro 2021. It is easy to draw something rough, then type in notes, so very versatile. Great features are the color mixer and the roller brush.

iPad apps for designers: VECTORS


It's simple to create geometric vector art with Assembly. It's fun and easy. When you play around with it, it's easy to see why the slogan is "graphic design for everyone.". Mix shapes and create anything from logos to complex scenes. Nothing gets wasted.

Pastel Vectors

iPad apps for designers: INSPIRATION


As with other Adobe apps, this app is part of Creative Cloud. These are iPad apps for designers. Capture takes advantage of the camera to capture inspiration around you, including patterns, color palettes, and brush textures. Expect to use it quite often.

iPad apps for designers: BEHANCE

Browse the projects in the creative community to get an idea of what's trending.


You can get lost in Pinterest's rabbit hole. Look for the white circles in the corners of each pin. Clicking them will reveal similar pins. 


You can color whatever you want. With brainless tasks like coloring, you can find that they help unlock your brain and help you become more creative. This is inspiring. The pre-made color palettes are great too. Check more iPad apps for designers.

Bulb Ideas, great for iPad apps for designers

Even more iPad apps for designers: LOOSE LEAF ($4.99)

Share your ideas, annotate, and doodle. You can draw diagrams, import photos, and crop photos with scissors. A scissors feature in the app lets you easily crop any photo and combine it with another background. This mobile dry erase board is designed to be simple, no fuss, and mobile. It is great for drawing, diagramming, and annotating quickly and easily.


You can use this tool to transform simple sketches into interactive, tappable prototypes you can demo and share with others. Use this kind of iPad apps for designers to take photos of your app screens when they are drawn on paper or on a whiteboard. The data is synced with Dropbox and sent to the Marvel web account.

POP (Free)

The POP platform lets designers create interactive prototypes by drawing sketches on paper, taking pictures of the sketches, and connecting them. To ensure the safety of your ideas and data, the app integrates 128 bit SSL encryption. There are five types of transitions: fade, next, back, rise, and dismiss.


Evernote's Skitch helps designers visually communicate ideas. Annotations, shapes, and sketches help you communicate your ideas faster. This will make it easier to avoid confusing email chains and give clear feedback.

iPad apps for designers: UDEMY (Free)

The largest online learning destination is Udemy. Courses can be viewed offline, on the go, and at twice the speed. The courses cover everything from design to the newest software.


Dribbble is available for iPhone and iPad pro 2021. View animated GIFs and share the images posted by the best designers on Dribbble. You can like and comment on photos from Dribbble users you follow, as well as follow them.


Paper colors

With your camera or Creative Cloud, you can glean color themes from your surroundings. Use the interactive color wheel or RGB sliders to edit your colors and refine your color themes. Color themes with pre-sets based on color theory are a great way to get started or find inspiration quickly.

iPad apps for designers: FONTLI (Free)

A social network designed for typography enthusiasts, Fontli allows them to broadcast their passion via mobile photos. A simple photo tag identifies a typeface. It gives more information on the typeface, including Designer/Foundry info as well as other pictures associated with it.


You can easily design and test different icon designs with Ikonica on the springboard and in different backgrounds and sizes. Drag and drop from your Mac or camera roll, and you'll get an instant preview on all your devices.

WORD SWAG ($3.99)

Be brilliant letters, in iPad apps for designers

Just a touch of your finger can help you create stunning, custom text layouts that would otherwise take minutes–or even hours–to create. In Word Swag, you will find hundreds of quotes, jokes, and thoughts.

From a line on a piece of paper to a final product, the story unfolds from the earliest ideas to individual integrity and strong identity.
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