January 12, 2022

Decent working conditions: What can you demand and how?

The right to work implies the freedom to choose a job that we are passionate about, but there are certain requirements that must be met. Do you know what they are? Find out what you can demand from your boss for good working conditions and the best way to do it.

The right to work implies the freedom to choose a job that we are passionate about and that allows us to earn a living. But decent work goes further, there are certain conditions and aspects that must be met as minimum requirements.  

Do you know what they consist of? Discover the answer in this post. Know what you can demand from your boss for good working conditions and the best way to do it. Because you deserve the best benefits that motivate you to give your best day to day.

#1 Fair salary

A fair salary is one that has congruence between the amount received and the type of work performed. This should take into account the minimum you should receive, the industry average, the working hours, the experience and the type of work performed.  

Ideally, when looking for work, do research and keep in mind the minimum wage you are willing to receive. And if you’re already working, it’s also important to determine if you’re in a position to apply for a raise.

#2 Fair Trade

Because a job also means feeling appreciated within the company. This means that they recognise our achievements, ask for our opinion and there is a positive reinforcement. If you feel like you’re starting to lose motivation and you’re no longer excited about going to work, you have every right to talk to your boss and tell him how you feel. He or she should be interested and be grateful and take action to find better working conditions.

Recognizement inside a company

#3 Equal opportunities

Regardless of sex, gender, nationality or religion, in the company in which you work there must be the same conditions of salary, growth and treatment. If you notice that any of these are not enforced, you have every right to demand equal working conditions. Ensure that the organizational culture is clear and that it promotes respect, tolerance, inclusion.  

#4 Safety

According to the International Labour Organization, every day 6,400 people die due to an accident at work or an occupational disease. So it’s important to make sure that the space where you work is safe: solid construction, protective clothing, supervision, first aid kits and medical care. Good security conditions for working are essential. Everything you need to be able to perform your tasks with confidence.

#5 Training

Since you enter a company, you have the right to receive all the training necessary to perform the tasks that correspond to your position. This involves not only teaching programs and methodology, but also communicating values and work environment.

Continuing education is also important to stay up to date in a globalized world. If you notice that there are new functions and skills that are indispensable in your work and you still don’t know them, let your boss know that you would like to learn them to grow professionally and offer a better service.

#6 Good environment and working conditions

Woman in office for good working conditions

Because working not only requires knowledge, but also tools and spaces. Your workplace must have:

  • Good lighting and ventilation
  • Furniture: chairs, desks, computer, programs
  • Comfort to perform your tasks
  • Have space to feel free and there are not many distractions

Did you know that an employee must have a space of at least eight square meters for their well-being? This applies for office work.   

If your work does not comply with the above, you can ask your boss for better working conditions to be able to perform your tasks correctly and avoid stress.

#7 Christmas bonus and benefits

These two items must be mandatory by laws of work. The bonus refers to receiving a certain ammount of money in the first week of December, according to your salary and the laws of your country. And benefits include paid holidays, health insurance, rest days, maternity leave, etc. 

If you have a job that was formalized by signing a contract, your company has the obligation to give you each and every one of these without failure. So demand this mandatory working condition.

Job contract

#8 Compliance with agreements

As part of good working conditions, in any working relationship, there are also agreements that must be respected to maintain peace and order. One of them is the pay time, to pay you on the set date without fail. Another, to not bother outside of working hours. It is important to maintain boundaries between personal and working life.

If you notice that any of these are not being respected, you can raise your voice for these agreements to be taken into consideration.

#9 Growth and Development Opportunities

What’s the point of going into a job where you’re going to be stuck all your life? Good working conditions include opportunities for growth. It is important that your boss tells you what opportunities you have if you stay in the company for a long time and exceed expectations. If he does not tell you, you can ask and he must answer clearly.

#10 Communication and networking opportunities

Whether face-to-face or in home office mode, a good working environment is indispensable. Meet all the people in your area, say good morning, congratulate on special dates, no envy or competition. All this will increase productivity and improve relationships. If you notice that there is something that could be improved, or someone treats you badly, tell your boss and he has an obligation to do something about it to improve working conditions.

It is also important to give the opportunity to get to know each other through team-builiding activities. It is a fact that maintaining contact with other people during work helps mental health and productivity. It also sums points to meet your customers in person and not just work as a ghost.

Workers participating and meeting each other

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How to demand your boss better working conditions? 4 tips

To communicate any concern or discontent about the working conditions, it is important to consider three aspects: foundation, assertiveness and communication. Read on for some tips on how to talk to your boss successfully.

First, give the example. You can’t ask without having demonstrated what you are capable of. So before talking to your boss, show interest in your work and the desire to always improve and do better. This will cause you to be seen or seen as a capable person and with the determination to excel professionally.  

Second, show humility in feedback. It is important to present your opinions in a clear and informed way, but it is also essential to make it clear that you are open to listening to ways to improve and other ways of doing things.

Third, use empathy for your message. It is not just a matter of demanding, but of commenting on things from an objective point of view and thinking about what's better for all. That’s why when you express something, propose solutions for better working conditions and communicate the way in which everyone will win with this alternative.

Talk between boss and worker to demand good working conditions

Finally, cover all the necessary points. Have a list of checkpoints to cover during this meeting and ask everything you need to clarify. Begin to map out the action plan for better working conditions.


Providing decent working conditions under the law brings many benefits to businesses and employees as a higher percentage of satisfaction, productivity and well-being. So if you notice that any of the aspects mentioned in this blog could improve, do not hesitate to do everything possible to communicate and seek change. Promoting growth is everyone’s job.

I hope this post has helped you determine the minimum requirements you need to be able to perform your tasks properly and know how much you can demand in your work.

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